Park Days

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

We have been spending nearly every day at the park this winter and spring! We have had such a mild winter that so many days we have been at the park! Nora is becoming a climbing pro and loves the slides. And o man, if she finds the swings-she will want to stay there at least 50% of the time (or more, much to my dismay).

We go every Friday with our ward playgroup and it's always a lot of fun. Love my days with this girl!

Moms can have fun too, right?

One of my favorites of her! 

Our little friend Veda had her birthday party at the park and Nora loved it- complete with pinata and cake! Thanks Veda!

Love this photo Allisa took of us on her nice camera!

 I love watching her play with her other little friends! 
 Copying the football players doing stairs! So cute. 

She loves to lean back and soak in the sun in the swings. It's actually quite adorable. 

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