February Fun

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

All the fun we had in February! 

Picnic with baby

Selfies with Mom at her weekly blood draws!

This day they even gave her matching gauze. Too cute. 

Music time fun! 

She thinks these pillow pets are for riding. It's too funny. 

The best Target date! :)

Lunch with baby
Hanging with friends! 

My fashion blogger hat! 

She loved this card for Valentine's Day from Mimi and Grandpa!

Jason took her to her first Daddy Daughter Dance! They had fun but it involved very little dancing and lots of chasing and eating cookies. I'm happy they went though! 

Playing with Bryn! 

Sleepover with Trey! He had to borrow some jammies! ;)

Watching my favorite kiddos! 

Waiting for Daddy to come home! 

Doing puzzles with baby on the back! 

Cool girl 

Dancing with baby!

This day I brought home donuts and she at them all and then asked for MORE! 
Cutest face and sign language. 

We met our old friend Loral at the Austin Zoo with her cute twin girls.
 We were a lot of crazy but we had fun! 

Love this sweet girl!

Temple trip with these cool ladies!

Fun with dad at Mighty Fine! 

Puzzle time!

Riding in the car cart at HEB! This helps give me maybe an extra 5 minutes while shopping!

Spaghetti face! Think she liked it? 

Selfie stick photos with mom! She loved holding the stick and walking around taking photos. 

Just hanging in the car with Mom!
Matching shades! 
Matching shades

Snuggle bunny!

Sassy girl!

Parade with friends!

Playing some Blockus 

Our first playdough experience. It took all her willpower NOT to eat it. So we will wait a few more months and then try again! 
She loves sorting things and stacking things these days. 

We voted! Nora helped push the submit button! Proud to be Americans :)


Taking ball on a walk! 

Mama snuggles

Breakfast with baby

Yogurt girl! 

Cutest bunhead girl!

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