New Year's Party

Monday, February 15, 2016

I've always wanted to host a New Year's Party and decided this was the year! I invited lots of friends and their kids and embraced the chaos! I asked people to dress up and bring appetizers and something bubbly and we ate good food, then played minute to win it games, did a ball drop (around 8:30) with drinks and then dance partied until each family's kiddos were ready to go home. And did I mention the jello shots? Virgin of course! A roaring success if I do say so even when it was crazy and my house was packed. I love having friends who always indulge my constant need to party!

Had to use the selfie stick for the party! Amber is always a willing participant! 

My lovely Landen!  
 Secret Amber selfies on my phone!! Pretty lady! 

 This guy. Love him. 
 Fancy ladies! 

 Heather my dear! 
 Dave likes selfies too! 
 Bringing out the bubbly! 
 Trying to get a selfie with a tired Nora! 
 Selfie stick amateur! I got better on the next one. 
 Much better! (The goal is not to have the stick in the photo haha) 
 Watch me Whip! 
 Making the kids play the Oreo in the mouth game! 

 Look at how cute and concentrated they are! 
 I showed them how to do it...

 And I got the cookie in my mouth in one try! I'm a pro! 

My cute little family! 
 Jason playing the dice game! 

 5 pregnant ladies! 
 Cami wanted a foot photo... haha
 Love them!  
 Jello Shots! Of strictly Jello. We are such rebels. 

Thanks friends!!! Happy New Year! 

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