Georgetown Christmas Stroll

Monday, January 18, 2016

We were living up the holidays this past December! We headed to the Georgetown festival to see our friend's daughter perform Christmas songs and it was so cute! Then we wandered around shopping and visiting the Bethlehem village which Nora loved since they had music, food, dancing and nativity animals. Nora loves festivals and fairs since there are so many people to look at and fun things to explore! We love them too as long as she is happy in her stroller - trying to chase her or follow her is nearly impossible so we try to avoid that!

 She fell asleep on the way there-so sad to wake her up! 

 Veda did great! 

 Taking selfies with Oscar! 
 Selfies with Maya! 

 I'm obsessed with this outfit! 

I love the magic of Christmas through her sweet eyes! 

Enjoying a snack! 

Love these family days!! And it was a beautiful day too! 

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  1. I love all your Christmas posts, you guys did so much! And seriously, holidays with a kids is the BEST! Love that baby Nora.