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Monday, November 23, 2015

I'm doing my very best to get caught up but I keep finding more pictures and I can't bear to not post them! Although Nora looks so little in all of these so I need to get to where she is now so I can tell you all about her! But ok here's one of the last posts from August when she was around 13 months.

At Grandma's (at Aunt Betty's cute table!) 

Fun in the toy aisle! 

How cute are these Sam's shopping buddies of mine?

One Saturday we went to the famous watering hole: Blue Hole in Georgetown with the Cavanaughs and it was so fun! A beautiful day and place. 

We visited my old office at the animal shelter and Nora participated in "Teddy Bear Surgery" with her monkey. Obviously she didn't know what was going on but she was a
 good sport and it made me so happy to take her!!

Wishing Mimi a happy birthday! 

Having fun at Jen's with Trey

Nora AND Kasee's Sunday Best! :)

Visiting Dad at work! 

Posing cutie at Kerbey Lane

Racing Mom at Kerbey Lane

Post nap snuggles with Mom
Family night playing Skip Bo! 

Pizza night! We made our first homemade pizza crust (in ages!) and it was so good! 

Nora was the taste tester! 

Parenting moment: Hanging out in the car while your kiddo finishes a little cat nap. 

Cute sweaty girl at the Umlauf 

Enjoying her McDonald's cone! 

Happy Sunday girl!

 Apparently she needed ALL the cheerios in her mouth at that moment!

 She loves to sit and read her books
 Walking with Daddy after he mowed the lawn

 She loves driving the car!!

 Her little spot!

 She loved sucking on the corn on the cob after we ate most of it !
 Finally helping out around the house!

 Grandpa came to visit!
 Looking at family photos!
 A new friend to take home. JK that did not come home with us!

 I think she was sick here. So sad.

 Eating veggie straws with Dad

 She was fascinated by these skeletons!

Jen took us to the Thinkery one day and Nora liked it! So many fun times with friends!
 Also Nora would choose Jen to be her mom over me if given the chance. Just saying.
Ok let's call her her second mama instead! :)

 Trey was teaching her the ropes!

Thrilled at the end! 

Nora loved this little dancing monkey at the store. It was too funny! 

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