Ryan and Kendra's Wedding

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Some of our friends got married at the beginning of May and not only were we SO excited for them to get married (because they are awesome and we love them) but also because we got a babysitter for the whole night and knew we could party all night with friends! 

The night started out great with getting all gussied up and making it to the wedding with plenty of time to spare! We took some group photos and got to enjoy the beautiful weather! 

But then....

I get a text from our babysitter saying that she and Nora were locked out of our house! They had gone outside to the backyard and the door accidentally locked. The wedding was a whole 20 minutes away and Kendra was due to walk down the aisle anytime! I hopped in the car and started on my way home (obviously bummed to be missing the wedding) but then I remembered that our friends have a key to our house. Of course they were at the wedding with us. So I devised a plan! I contacted my good friend Amber to see if she could go to Cami's house and get the key to our house from the babysitter at that house. So she got the key and then rescued our babysitter and Nora! Such a good friend and I made it back to literally see Kendra walk down the aisle with seconds to spare!

We spent the rest of the night eating delicious Pappasito's fajitas, drinking Coke and literally dancing for hours! We had a great night out and it was so fun to have a little date night and be with friends. 

Congrats Kendra and Ryan! 

The whole gang after a night of partying!

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