Nora at 12 Months

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Our sweet Nora turned 1 just over a week ago! I can't believe it! She's so fun these days and we love getting to know her little personality even more!

Here's all about Nora at 1 year old!

  • She is still a great sleeper! Goes to bed around 7:30 or 8 and wakes up around 7:30 or 8. She takes between 1-3 naps a day and always wakes up happy and chatty. 
  • She has 4 teeth on bottom and 4 coming in on top! She was uncomfortable for a week or 2 but seems to be doing better now. 
  • Is moving and crawling everywhere! She's at the stage where she likes to do things she shouldn't- pulling on cords and eating things off the floor etc. 
  • Is starting to become a pickier eater and I'm trying my best to fight it and don't know how! She has opinions and doesn't like things and will eat something one meal and then not the next so I don't know what to expect. And I would happily try the "you eat what you are given" rule but she doesn't get it. Any ideas?
  • Is soooo close to walking! She has taken 1 step a few times but then always realizes and drops to the floor. But she's a pro with the walker and will walk around with me with just 1 finger holding her. 
  • She still likes walks and playing outside. We can't wait for her to walk so she can enjoy more places too! 
  • She loves to play "chase" and loves getting tickled by Mommy and Daddy. 
  • She signs "more" anytime she wants to eat or nurse. It's pretty cute so it's hard to turn down!
  • Still nurses at least 2 times a day but never more than 4. I'm still holding on for awhile but would probably be okay to stop anytime. She really loves it in the morning but seems less enthusiastic throughout the day when she is so busy!
  • Hates getting her diaper changed! She fights like crazy and it's a real battle. 
  • Is starting to love books! She digs through tons and finds her favorites and holds them out to us until we read them. It's so cute and I love to see her like reading. 
  • Loves her play tunnel and crawling back and forth through it. 
  • Is becoming more of a "kid" with other kids. She screams when other kids take her toys and is becoming possessive! It still catches me off guard because she used to just not care. 
  • Can "shoot" baskets with Dad. When he lifts her up she drops the ball in her toy hoop and then we say "SCORE!"
  • She likes to flirt with people and hand people things back and forth and she laughs and makes funny faces. This girl is FULL of personality!!

Saddest face! 

Happiest face!

We love you sweet Nora! 


  1. it's so hard when they just become picky overnight. Clara did the same thing! I would say just do your best to stick it out and eventually it will get better. Clara went through a suuuuper picky stage but now she's coming around and really eats or tries anything we have for dinner! I thought it was a lost cause but it's finally paid off!

  2. also- I really like the book "French Kids Eat Everything" there were some really helpful tips in there that we used!