Nora iFavorites 9-10 Months

Monday, June 1, 2015

Here are our favorite phone photos from March-April when Nora was 9 months old!

Tender moment with Daddy!

Playgroup snack time!

Her favorite toy and practicing standing! 

Hanging with Cousin Addy!
Morning playtime in bed with Mommy
Doing her first real blood draw! Good thing Daddy was there to help!

Late night wake up with some tears but all was okay once with Daddy!

Playing with Zoe! 
LOVE this happy face!

Park selfie with Cami!

First time sitting up in her crib when I came to get her!

My most favorite family picture ever!

How perfect is this girl?

So sweet and happy!

Cutest baby bum waiting for the bath!

We love this girl! 

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