Friendcation 2015

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

We had another great trip with our friends to the beach this year! This is our 3rd "Friendcation" and we had 5 families this time. We rented an awesome beach house right on the water in Galveston and it was a seriously perfect trip!

On the way there we stopped in Brenham for a tour of the Blue Bell factory and some lunch. It was a great half day there on our way to the beach!

Excited for vacation!

During the day we would go to the beach and then into town for lunch before relaxing in the afternoons reading or playing bean bag toss. We took turns making dinner and then every night while the kiddos slept we played games, ate junk food and laughed for hours!

Friends who "braid together" "stay together"! 

The behind the scenes of the selfie! Nora wanted to be in the picture too!

One night was a crazy tropical storm and the power even went out but we played games by phone light and loved watching the storm with all the crazy lighting! We also went hunting for frogs and crabs one night. Lots of laughs and adventures to be remembered!

Group selfie at Rita's

We were so excited to take Nora to the beach for the first time! She loved the sand: both eating it and playing in it. She crawled around on it like it was nobody's business! It was so fun to watch her exploring and saving these sweet moments into memories.

 Even though you can't see her eyes I just love that she's happy and covered in sand!

We took some evening walks and Quinn was so good to push Nora. 

How sweet is that smile?

A beautiful beach sunset

We also went on a free ferry and it was fun! The kids liked riding the boat and the adults enjoyed a free experience and feeding the seagulls! 

Love this photo of Jason's selfie and Jen getting her to smile!
Can I please wear my hair this way every day? Braid credit to Jen!

Love these friends of ours! Happy Friendcation 2015! Can't wait for 2016! 

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  1. This was such a great trip, awesome recap! I love our friends, that weekend was perfect!