Friendcation 2013!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

I want to talk about what is currently going on in our lives but I have to catch up first! So here is our super fun vacation with friends we took at the end of May! 

We had so much fun with our friends and their kids. I seriously love them to death.  We loved playing at the beach, walking around town, and staying up late playing games and laughing until we were sick. 

 My favorite ladies! And 4 of them are pregnant! (And no I'm not one of them!)

 Lindsey and Jen

 How cute is Jason running with Andy and his little shorts? hehe

 Dying of the cuteness. Can't wait for our cute kids one day. 

 My husband is a babe! And Amelia is adorable. Love her.

 My crazy friends!

We just loved wandering around town and exploring.  And taking ridiculous photos of course.

 My beautiful pregnant friends :) 

 We went for an evening beach stroll one night and took some photos.

 The whole gang!!

Our Roomies!

Can't wait until next year guys!
Love y'all!


  1. This looks so fun! You're lucky to have so many great couples living nearby! (I'm hoping your next update includes a tour of your beautiful house!!)

  2. Such a fun tradition. And beautiful pix!