LA Visit!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Last week I went to Los Angeles to see my brother and my mom and uncle happened to come along too! 

It was so fun to be back in LA and to see all our old stomping grounds. 

My brother has lived there for 7 years and this was my mom's first visit so we took her to see all the sights!

First we had pancakes and went shopping on the Third Street Promenade. 

Then we went to the Getty Center. It was perfect weather!

 Riding the Tram!

 Self Take

 If only the guy told us we were in all in shadow....

Then we went to Venice beach and had some yummy food. 

Then Uncle John came and we celebrated his birthday with some delicious seafood!

Look at my cute family!!

For 2 days we stayed in this cute little cottage and it had this beautiful backyard with lemon trees. We chilled outside in the perfect weather and it was wonderful!!

I want this to be my house in Texas. Its too stinkin' cute!

Brother using the lemon picker on the lemon tree. 

Then of course we went to Hollywood to see Graumann's Theatre and the walk of stars. 

 Mom, I can't remember whose shoes you are in. John Wayne maybe?
 Judy Garland's hands.

Finally, we saw Moneyball and visited Jay's stomping grounds-Bodega Wine Bar that his friend Red owns. Red grew up with Jay in Texas so my mom knows his too!

 Partying at Bodega!
Special people make the wall of pictures. Recognize these too?
That's my Mom and Dad!

We had a great trip! It was so fun just hanging out, eating out and shopping with the family. Thanks Mom for making the whole trip possible! Hope you had as much fun as I did!

Love you brother, 


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  1. You stayed in a cottage with a lemon tree. That sounds like heaven. Yay I'm glad you had a fun trip. But of course you missed us here too much to stay too long.