Summer Update!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Well, you may or may not be wondering if we are alive. Yes, we are alive but we are roasting in Texas!

Here is the very mini recap of what has happened since the end of our Europe trip. 

Spent 7 days in Oregon at the beach with Jason's family on vacation! Soaked up time with our little nieces. [more photos to come!]

Said goodbye to our home of more than 7 years for Jason and 5 for Kasee and many old friends. 

And a few new ones. 


Moved from Provo to Dallas, Texas to live with Kasee's dad and step-mom for 2 months of summer. Welcome to the heat!

Kasee officially re-launched her food blog, The Apron Gal. She is working on her cooking and photography skills and is loving it! Remember to spread the word please! She spends many hours each week cooking, taking photos, staging food, marketing, researching etc. It is a labor of love for sure. 

Now we are working full time for Kasee's dad the portfolio manager & step-mom the CPA. Kasee is acquiring some awesome Quickbooks and tax skillz. Jason is becoming a real estate expert :) 

Went to the Texas Coast: Rockport for the 4th of July. Hung out and ate lots of seafood. yum.

Visited Austin to see Dell & we picked out an apartment in Round Rock! We are so excited!

Spending time with Texas nieces & nephews. Water park trip. Making goodies. Circus?

Eating fatty fatty delicious Texas food. mmmmmm

Visiting old friends: Regan and Rylan  & Angela [no picture, sad!]

The Mac died. Sad day. 

Kasee is applying for jobs. 4 down. 785902.56 to go! 

Threw a Paella party for 50 people. 

We Love love love Texas. The accents. The country. The food. The PRIDE. 

"I'd rather be a fencepost in Texas 
than a King in Tennessee."

Tomorrow we head to celebrate our 2 year anniversary with a little weekend getaway!

Someday we will start doing real blog posts again! Hope you are having a good summer!


  1. that paella dish looked AMAZING! Scott brought home a Paella pan from Spain several years ago and we just busted it out this week. It is authentic and great, but the wattage (sp?) doesn't convert correctly, so Scott says it was cooking unevenly... is your paella recipe on the apron gal?

  2. looks like your dream life is your real life. xoxo