Pacific City, Oregon

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

We are going to rewind time a little bit and go back to the beginning of the summer and our trip to the Oregon Coast with the Thomas family. When we got back from Europe we figured that we needed a vacation from our vacation and lucky for us my family had planned a trip to Pacific City, Oregon. Growing up this was one of my most favorite vacation destinations. We would drive up to Richland, WA first and spend the night at my grandparents house. Then we would continue on to the coast.

I love the Oregon coast for many reasons. First of all it has all of my favorite things in one place. It is forested all the way to the coast and it has beautiful sandy beaches . Our spot in Pacific City is especially nice as it is nestled between 2 state parks making it nice and calm and less touristy than other towns nearby. But the main reason I love it there is because of all the great memories that have been made with family. It was special sharing this place with Kasee and with the other "new" members of the family.

This was the view that we had out our window for the week. I could look at forever and not get sick of it.

My cute niece Shay fell asleep when when we were walking around the beach. I had no complaints.

The family took a trip to the local aquarium. The C family had a great time as you can see.

We also took a trip to the Tillamook Cheese Factory. We left full of a lot of cheese and ice cream.

We spent the week running down the sand hill, site of infamous moment  when cousin Brit rolled down the hill laughing and wetting himself.

True love is written in the sand:)

M, C, and lil S.

We had a great time!

Until next time Oregon coast...


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