Thursday, June 2, 2011

We went to Venice after Florence and although it was a bit stressful arriving and paying 20 E to park for 24 hours we made it okay! We walked into the city and it took a minute to realize that there were no cars anywhere and that we were in Venice!

We checked into our hotel and wandered around the city. We wanted to do a gondola ride but 80 Euros for 25 minutes just didn't seem quite worth it! We opted for a "vaporetto" ride, or the local water taxi. As a tourist you can just make a loop and only 6 euros instead of 80! We thought that was a good idea :) 
And I have to say, still romantic :)
There were so many cool houses and buildings to see on the water I wanted to share a few older ones and more modern ones too!
After our little water tour of the city we went to St. Mark's Cathedral. It is a very different style than most of the other Italian churches we saw since this has a very Eastern style. Still beautiful though!
Then it was time to eat and we decided to splurge for a nice dinner right on the water to watch the sunset. Good pizza and pasta made for the perfect date night in Venice!
As we wandered through the narrow streets of Venice on our way home, I couldn't help but take pictures of how the city sparkled at night.
In our short one day in Venice we could definitely see why people find it enchanting. Life changing? Maybe not, but still a fun place to see even for a few hours! We loved just wandering around to all the bridges and getting lost on dead ends! Often you would try to get somewhere only to end at the water and have to turn around. A nice day adventure and a good place before Lake Como. Since I already blogged about Lake Como that is the end of the Italy part of our trip! So wonderful! 

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