Lake Como

Saturday, May 28, 2011

I realized I haven't gone through all the Venice pictures so I am skipping to the next destination: Lake Como. 

Lake Como is in the north-western part of Italy and it's actually where my Dad and Stepmom got married 17 {ish} years ago! 

The name of the lake is Como and lots of little towns are located around it. It really is absolutely stunning. A narrow winding road led up to our hotel and we had a beautiful view of the lake and the lush green mountains surrounding it. Not to mention our hotel was super cheap and absolutely adorable.

The view from our balcony:
 I just loved the greenery there!

 We spent two days in Como just enjoying the gorgeous views, exploring and relaxing. It was wonderful and very romantic :) Our first day we did take a boat ride around the lake to see a few things and wandered around the city.
Then, we had an impromptu photo shoot in this little park since it was such a beautiful day!

We found these old caves and wandering in the forest we felt like we were in a rain forest, complete with lizards, insects and humidity. Jason got to count that as his "nature walk" for the day!

We even made our own caprese in our room and ate lunch on the balcony. 

There wasn't much to it but we loved our days there! If you are looking for a romantic getaway we recommend it!


  1. How cute are you guys?! That place looks amazing!