Tim Tam Slam

Thursday, November 18, 2010

This past weekend we spent in Heber with our good friends, Porntepp & Jess. We stayed in not one cabin, but two! [long story involving a freezing night of no heat in the mountains but lots of good fun with friends.]

We were able to meet their friends, Tim and Audrey, and they were so amazing! 

I wish we took more pictures but we were 1. too cold (the first night) 2. too busy enjoying ourselves 
So Friday night, we had Audrey's delicious homemade chicken soup, played Taboo and sat by the fire (literally) all night. 

Then Saturday, we headed to Park City to the outlets and then back to Heber for some awesome Dairy Keen. Then we went to Jess's family cabin that was soooo amazing and WARM! 

That night, Porntepp and Jess made us Thai green curry and bitter coconut soup. Both were delish!

 so domestic Jess :)

After dinner Porntepp and Tim introduced Jason and I to a favorite tradition of theirs. It is called a "Tim Tam Slam." Althuogh this may sound fake...look its on wikipedia so it must be real. You bite off two ends of the cookie and then drink a beverage through it, using the cookie as a straw. We used milk but you can use hot chocolate too. Take a look:
 Tim Tams are Australia's favorite cookie. They recently brought them to America so everyone could enjoy them. They are hard to find but you can get them at Target according to Audrey & Tim.

 Here we are gearing up: (there is even a cheer you have to do before you do it!)

Here I am drinking my milk through the cookie. I'm not a big milk fan but this was really tasty and fun!(Even if I do look like I am snorting crack. ha)
 Jason ate way too many. haha.

We watched " The Island" after Tim Tams and Sunday we went to church and I made chicken tacos (thanks Jess!). We had such a wonderful weekend and we love both these couples!
Thanks for having us Jess! Your cabin was gorgeous and so great!


  1. no way I know Tim! we ref basketball together! small world!

  2. Oh, love this post! I want to copy and paste to my blog since you did a great job at capturing the weekend. My favorite part is when you said, we literally sat by the fire all night. SO true!! Thanks for coming, it wouldn't have been the same without ya guys!

  3. so fun! and i've totally had those tim tam slams too! though it didn't know it by that name =o]

  4. fred meyer sells those cookies. we will have to get some at christmas time.

    jedd wants the recipe for porntepp's soup.