Monday, November 22, 2010

Jason and I have been without callings since December.

A calling in the LDS church, for those who don't know, is a position or an assignment in the church. Since no one in the LDS church is paid, every member takes turns rotating through various "callings." This helps everyone learn and grow as well as distributing the responsibilities among everyone. These callings are voluntary and not everyone at any one time will have one. Callings range from taking care of kids in the nursery, teaching Sunday School, leading a congregation as a Bishop or scheduling buildings.

Somewhere in the middle of all those callings are practical callings dealing with safety etc.

Jason and I have been called to one such calling, Emergency Preparedness Specialists!
Whats that you ask? Well we are still learning since we just were asked to do this yesterday.

But in general, we will be helping our ward at church, learn how to prepare for natural disasters or other disasters. This includes financial and spiritual preparedness as well as food and water storage. We are pretty excited since its the first time we have had a calling together and we think this information is important for everyone, non Mormon and Mormon alike. We have been brainstorming how to convey this information to others in a non boring way and to make people get prepared for anything with food, water, first aid and plans in place. Most likely, I will be creating an emergency preparedness blog [I know, another one! crazy!] to inform my ward and others about how to be prepared for anything!

Anyways, the point of this was to say that we are excited and we will keep you updated on what we learn!


  1. I like your enthusiasm. With today's blizzardish storm on the way, I am reminded that I have not done a very good job of emergency preparing. Our brown rice and black beans are going to get old really fast if we are housebound.