Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I'm a bum. I am unmotivated and I am a bum. Both on this blog and the other one. But Jason is forcing me to hang out with him in the office while he works out, and he just put on ""Party in the USA" and I am embracing it. I guess I will catch up on our life one bit at a time.

After we moved from CA, we spent a fun week with my parents in Draper and found an amazing apartment on top of buying a beautiful new couch! We were so excited to move in, but before we did, we needed a good visit to Idaho. So we packed up and headed to the land of potatoes (delicious ones, might I add).

We soaked up our time with Jedd and Karen (Jason's parents). We spent a day in Yellowstone and I was able to visit Wyoming and Montana for the first time in one day! Here is a recap of our trip:
my new friend

It was so beautiful there!

Old Faithful!

pretty rainbow

We saw a mamma grizzly with her 3 cubs (through nice people's binoculars)
 too far away to take a pic

We saw a lot of bison and this one loved blocking the road

Gorgeous views

Jason in Jackson, WY

love that sky!

We had a great day! Then we went camping and rafting with Jason's friends Derrik and Claire.  We floated the river twice and it was awesome. Strongly recommend it!

Then we went back to Pocatello and then soaked up time with our darling niece Carly. We threw her her first birthday party and boy was she cute! She walks all over and is so entertaining with her smiles and noises. She even had her first haircut during our girls trip to the salon.

Here are a few pics of her and her adorableness:

We even went to the zoo and saw all kinds of native Idaho animals:

We especially loved the beautiful Idaho sunset:

We also went to the temple, Texas Roadhouse, concerts in the park, and for scooter rides. I would say it was a great trip!

Then we came back to Provo and moved into our new AMAZING apartment! But we will save that for the next post!

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  1. Yellowstone!! Isn't it so beautiful there ALL the time? Kreig and I were there this summer with my family too- I really love that picture of the sky and clouds, my fav!