Home Sweet Home

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Jason and I have managed to live in three different apartments in a year. In my single days I lived in four or five places in a year. Let's hope the next few years involve less moves per capita!

But we do have to say, we are quite satisfied with our most recent move. We have a nice spacious apartment that has a dishwasher (I refuse to go back from this point forward) and windows and lights in every room. Lighting may sound like a given in any home, but Provo seems to follow its own rules. And underground parking to boot.

Without further ado, our beautiful new home:

Like our new Europe inspired painting? So do we!

Our beautiful new "spa" couch

Our redesigned 9 cube

I don't know if this picture does these items justice, but the vintage books Jason bought on his mission in France and the cookbooks are vintage I found in California (One of them my mom and her roommate in college had and it helped her learn to cook-it's called Saucepans for the Single Girl, gotta love it!) Also the compass is an heirloom from my grandfather, we found it in the old chest we have that you will see in a second!
Our extra seating/reading area
Please note the amazing pillows, they were inspiration for the whole room!

On to the kitchen....
Our lovely dining room

Our Davecube turned buffet

My love :)

To the office...

This is the gorgeous chest from my grandfather's travels to the Far East

I love the storage & decor together 

Jason & My Desks 

Our sanctuary (did I mention it has a walk in closet that is all mine?!)

My pride and joy is our photo wall, I worked hard for weeks gathering vintage frames, photos, and spray painting. I think it turned out great! What do you think?

I love having the separate vanity!

Well thats its for the tour! 
For some tips and tricks I learned along the way of decorating visit my other blog here


  1. I love your apartment! Its like a real home! You are such a cute decorator. And a DISHWASHER?! I cannot wait for that day :)

  2. I'm so jealous you are all done! I haven't even started! So cute. I love your photowall also. I've been thinking of something like that for our living room and/or carly's room. And I'm so jealous of your buffet. Carly makes displaying dishes like that literally impossible. haha.

  3. where is your photo wall located? I love it. I want one.

  4. I should add that the whole apartment is tres cute.

  5. Your photo wall is way cute! I love it. Where is your apartment at? I like it. I like our apartment too, I just hate that it's in the basement so we have no light!

  6. oh man! i thought the davecube would have been in the garage by now! i'm glad it got some dining room love! your place looks great i can't wait to come visit

  7. LOVE IT! Can't wait to see it tonight :)

  8. it's fun to catch up on you guys every now and then by stopping in on your blog. love the new apartment and your stylish decor! i think you two are awesome!
    love from "momma renshaw" xo