Hasta Luego

Monday, August 2, 2010

When I lived in Spain, my host family used to always yell something at me as I was leaving the house. I couldn't understand what it was since they said it so quickly and with their strong Spanish accents that I hadn't yet mastered. Several days after arriving, I finally realized what they were saying. Hasta Luego, although it sounded more like aaaa-luuuu-egggo, hence my confusion.

Most non-Spanish speakers at least know Adios but my Spanish family never once used this word, it was always Hasta Luego. Hasta Luego literally means see you later. Another similar expression is Hasta la vista, meaning literally until the next sight or until I see you again. I have always loved their use of these words. Adios, or goodbye, was not in their vocabulary. That is how I like to think of our time in California. We are not saying goodbye to our amazing friends or ward, not goodbye to our cute apartment or great thrift stores, not goodbye to the beautiful beaches or perfect weather. Mainly, not goodbye to our friends though because we will miss them so much. I know our paths will cross again and we will literally see them later  no matter when that is in this life!

 I hope they all know how much we love them and how much they mean to us! 

Our dear friends Melissa and Ann Marie threw us a little going away party complete with pool and pizza. It was so wonderful to see everyone one last time before we headed out. Look at these amazing and attractive friends!

All my favorite ladies

We also said hasta luego to our friends Erin/Nate & Jess/Steve. They came and picked us up on Saturday after loading our moving trailer and we ate some delicious Chipotle. Then we braved the LA traffic to go the Getty Center. It was worth the wait and the heat to be with our friends in such a beautiful place. Especially since learning that Erin was pregnant! ahhh exciting! We walked around the gardens and saw an amazing photography exhibit and of course visited the impressionists and some of my other favorite permanent paintings. It was everyone's first time there and I think they all loved it! It was my third but I could go over and over. 
The view from the top of the Getty, this doesn't do it justice though!

Riding the tram

My girls!

being awkward lol


our only group shot! atttractive!

After the Getty we stopped by the LA temple. Then we had our final In N' Out dinner. It was the best day ever with our best friends! Thanks so much!! 

Then Sunday morning we packed up the truck and headed back to Utah!

We stopped at the world's largest thermometer in Baker and it was 116 degrees!!!

There she is! Isn't she a beaute?

Anyways we loved our time in CA but are ready for the next adventure! Thanks to all our fabulous friends!
We found a cute apartment in Provo and are moving in next week! We are currently hanging out in Pocatello, so a post to come on that next!


  1. Awe, cute post. This makes me miss California really bad :( Can't wait to see you guys in Provo!

  2. I MISS YOU! Reunion in 3 weeks! YAY

  3. It was so fun to hang out with you!! We will miss you guys! Good luck with all back to school things :)

  4. Aww! Cute pics! We miss you! And, Kyla misses her punching bag! :) Hope your apartment hunt is going well. Thanks for being such great friends! We think you're the best!

  5. you're lucky you got to experience the best spanish accent in the world! Viva andalucia! lo siento pisha no to er mundo puede ser de cai