Thursday, June 10, 2010

A few weeks ago, our friend Molly came to visit before she headed off on her new life of being graduated, India, & Washington D.C.

She stayed with us a couple days & then we headed to her family's beach house. It was beautiful all 35 miles of the ride there until 2 miles before the beach when it turned gray and overcast. Sounds like a bummer but it was actually the perfect day of just hanging out!

It was so great to see Molly again!

Isn't she cute?

We flew our kite & it was so fun!

Look how high it was!

Happy :)

Another lovely day :)

After the beach, we had a barbecue with the Huish family & then we saw Ironman 2! Finally, we went to Farrell's and had tasty treats before we headed home! It was a great day! We love you Mols!

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