Do-Gooder (Part 3)

Monday, May 31, 2010

Well, by now hopefully you have seen the preparation (Part 1) and the final product (Part 2) of the hard work I have put in at my internship yet perhaps you are still wondering exactly what all that hoo-ha was for!

Like I said before, all the money that we raise through the event night (& from various other small fundraisers & from all of our Orange products and partners) funds research on finding treatments and the ultimate cure of Multiple Sclerosis.

On Saturday, the morning after the event, we hold our MS Forum & Expo. 

This is where we invite individuals with MS and their friends and family to come hear what our money has been doing in the past year. On Friday morning, our doctors meet together and discuss their findings. Then Saturday, we share some of the updates with our attendees and have a question & answer session. This is what we work all year round for. This event changes the lives of so many people that come and find support among other people just like them who have MS. It is truly amazing! Many of the attendees are already in advanced debilitating stages of MS and it makes what we do that much more tangible.

I helped sell our Orange products and register forum attendees. 

Web MD also came and interviewed the doctors about what new developments there have been.
Click to see their short video here!

David Osmond (son of one of the Osmond brothers) also is a big supporter & came and sang! He was great!

Anyways, now with the money we raised, doctors from the top seven MS institutions at UC San Francisco, Harvard, Yale, USC, Cleveland Clinic, Johns Hopkins and Oregon Health Sciences University can continue researching. 

Sorry if I have exhausted the topic, but it really is a great organization who does great things! Support us here! I have had a great time interning there!


  1. What a great, worthwhile effort! Glad you had this opportunity and that you shared it with us in these posts. jt

  2. I am glad you liked doing this for the last few months as it appears to be a most worthwhile project that helps countless numbers of people!