Fancy Friends

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Saturday night was our church picnic. We were very much looking forward to it since we were told that some "older" people from church would be playing in a band together. The name of the band is "Mid Life Crisis" so we had only low expectations, lol, but we have to say they were quite good!

They sang 50's-80's oldies & rock and it was great!

Pink v-necks = cool

We of course had fun hanging with our friends Ann Marie & Jason. Their daughter, Kyla is super cute but kept refusing to smile. I do have a picture of Ann Marie coming up to prove she exists! lol 
Jason & Kyla having tons of fun. really. ha

I helped out with the kids in nursery 3rd hour and we had so much fun together. 

Jamess, always looking sharp

Kyla dancing!
Our first self take together. A big step. 

And today, to celebrate Ann Marie's birthday & saying goodbye to Brittany we went to lunch and finally got some pictures! It is very hard to get pics of these wonderful moms! (Aforementioned James is Brittany's adorable little boy). 

Fancy Friends!

I will miss you Britt! Love both you girls! And you Melissa but we missed you today!

Just more proof of how much we love it here and will miss it...

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  1. I've loved following your California adventures. Sad to see them coming to a close but happy to know you are coming our way! jt