San Francisco!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Weekend of May 1st, Jason left work early and took Friday off and we headed to San Francisco for Dave and Elizabeth's wedding (wedding pics in next post).

Friday we got to spend the day in San Francisco and it was a blast hanging out with Cory, Cody, Liz and Emily.

Driving to San Fran...

Fisherman's wharf!
The boys being so trendy....
With the sea lions
We had delicious fish and chips at the wharf and then headed to Ghiradelli square.
After Ghiradelli Square, we hiked up the mountains of San Francisco to the very top to arrive at Chinatown!
We love the fire alarms...
The famous "Bansky" artwork in Chinatown.
Then that night we headed to the Giants game...PaRtY!!!

I don't know if it shows here but we had a busy day and we were exhausted by the time we made it home to the Renshaws after the Giants won!

The Renshaw home was sooo fun with around 13 people there!! We had such a fun day. Stay tuned for wedding pics! Thanks Renshaws! We love you!


  1. Looks like an awesome time. You guys are doing a good job of getting out and seeing what California has to offer.

  2. love your pictures from your trip to the city as well as in your next post from dave and elizabeth's wedding day! thank you again for your thoughtful gift of soaps and lotion from bath and body! a very kind gesture. i think you and jason are great, and we loved having you at our house for a few days! thanks for being good sports about the shortage of bathroom space, etc. (the shower schedule is still up on the door : )
    enjoy the rest of your summer...
    love from the renshaw bunch xo