Dave's Wedding

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

We arrived at the Oakland temple on Saturday and found a beautiful view of the city!

They had a beautiful sealing, Dave held up well to endless questions under pressure!
Then we waited patiently for....

Mr. and Mrs. David Whitaker!!

The boys didn't wait long to get their pictures taken:

silly roommates...

What an attractive bunch!

one of my favs!

Cody & I helped entertain each other during pics haha

This was hilarious to watch I must admit.

Jason & I got some good pics in too since we had people to take them for a change!

It was so good to see Carli!
Beautiful temple & grounds, notice the engraving

This is the only picture I have from the reception but it was really pretty!
We were too busy doing this to take other pictures:

Lots of Flight of the Concords references, very cute. 

We had a great weekend and we love Dave & Elizabeth! Congrats guys!
No pictures of stopping at the Berkeley flea market (quite an experience) & being hit on by a black guy who while asking me to donate to his stop the violence campaign told me that "Girl you got nice lips". I said thanks and wished him the best of luck with his endeavors. The end. 


  1. good road trip guys... can't wait for the next one...whenever and what ever it may be. Party drinks!

  2. thanks for posting this to my facebook. we've been without internet for a while at our new home and we finally have it. woo-hoo! looks like you had a fun trip. next time we see you guys we should hang out. bummer about wedding day is you don't get to hang out very much with everyone that comes...