California Life!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Well it is about time I posted some pictures of our new adorable apartment and our life in CA.
We have a one bedroom with washer and dryer and balcony in Chino Hills. It is adorable and we love it. Did I mention it has a dishwasher too?

Carol and Dad came to visit this past weekend and it was tons of fun! The pics of the apartment are from them, hence why I am in every one of them. ha.

Don't worry Dad checked up on our knives while he was here. Good thing, I was worried ;)

Here are some pictures from their visit to CA for a few days. They stayed in a house in Hermosa Beach for the weekend and we had tons of fun going to dinner, playing Monopoly Deal, and riding beach cruisers. O and watching the Cowboy game (which was really fun but so sad to lose so badly!) It was great to see them! Thanks y'all :)



  1. looks like fun! cute appartment. why do carol and wes have presents? was it someones birthday? miss you guys!

  2. those were Dad and Carol's Christmas presents! (I just used the only bags I had!) haha

  3. You guys are official. Looks like a pretty sweet set-up.

  4. Cute bike Kasee! And also cute apartment! I wish we had a dishwasher haha... Lets get together some weekend soon!

  5. Too cute Kasee! I love the place! Yeah for California!