Friday, November 20, 2009

This post is dedicated to my husband:

Today I feel simply inspired. I have been reading the Nie Nie dialogues and she and her family are just incredible. She shows such faith in the eyes of hard times, and frankly makes anything I feel I am going through seem incredibly trivial.

Jason and I have been feeling particularly stressed lately with school, moving, and the usual. Sadly, that is just life. I mean the thing is, you can't keep waiting to be unstressed, cause I have a feeling it may never come. First college, then real jobs and babies, then more bills and grad school and the like. There won't be a time for no stress.

And that is ok. Its the learning to deal with the stress that matters. Of course, its the hardest part. We are told time and time again to not wait for our happiness. Stop saying--I'll be happy when I graduate or We will be happy when we are in LA.

Its such a simple lesson.
Learn to be happy NOW.
Learn to be grateful NOW.
Each day is a gift, yet most days we feel like its a burden. Another day to get out of bed, another day to wake early going from sunup to sundown with papers and meetings and events.

But it is worth it right? It's worth it for the education. It is worth it for the experience. It is worth it for the stories for our future kids and grandkids (My life was sooo hard.... )

I am challenging myself and Jason, and anyone else who reads this, to be grateful. Ironically, Jason and I are speaking this Sunday on gratitude, and I think I finally feel the perspective to give it.

I am so thankful for all that I have. I will end with a little list of some of the things I am grateful for. Make your own lists. Tell people around you how grateful you are for them. Be excited for each and every day that you have on this earth!!

I'm grateful for:
My husband.
My family.
My friends.
My beliefs in a loving Heavenly Father and Savior.
Beautiful fall days.
Chocolate chip cookies.
Grey's Anatomy.
My job.
Late night cuddles.
Friends' blogs.
Secret plannings :)
Christmas decorations.

I also love this link. If I didn't inspire you it surely will.

I want to hear what makes you grateful and what reminds you to be happy each day.


  1. kasee! i found your blog! And i love this post. You are so cute, and totally right in that we have SO much to be grateful for. And also, I love love love NieNie. She's incredible.

    So, I am grateful for your post today.

    Also, you should read our blog :) It's private though, so email me at if you want to be a reader!!

  2. i am grateful that kasee dianne moore thomas loves jason john thomas

  3. thanks for the extra umph kasee, i've been feeling the say way lately, with not knowing what we'll be doing when jeff graduates and me being laid off for the winter from my job.
    i hurt my knee playing soccer about a month ago and i haven't been able to run let alone play soccer, and i'm missing out on snowboarding this week with jeff and my brother... but this morning i was thinking about how i should be greatful that i have 2 legs that work, that i'm not handicapped, that i'm even able to play soccer and snowboard...
    thanks for the reminder!
    p.s. i love nienie too!