Fondue Night!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

We had such a fun time on Friday night with Steve and Jessica, we thought we would document it with a few stories and pictures.

Jessica and I went to our freshman year reunion and Steve tagged along, Jason opted out for working out and a Lebron game, ha. We had a really good time catching up with people and all the news that had happened in over 2 years.

Then we headed back to our place to make fondue in our beautiful Cuisinart fondue pot, one of our awesome wedding gifts. Jason began cutting up the chocolate as I gave Jess and Steve a tour of apartment (they are going to live there while we are in LA) When I came back Jason had put all the chocolate into the fondue pot and it was making a very unattractive texture. . . I was concerned because he hadn't read the directions and none of us knew how to do the fondue (although we were pretty sure that nasty stuff couldn't be rescued lol).
So we proceeded, all 4 of us, to put on aprons and try to make this stuff work. We proceeded to open every Cuisinart wedding gift that we hadn't used yet-the hand blender, the huge food processor, and the fondue pot. Each of us had an instruction manual and was trying to figure it all out. It was quite a sight to behold. We finely grated all the chocolate in the Cuisinart food processor (14 cup capacity!) and it was quite fun, I have officially converted Jason to the beauty of a great food processor (courtesy of Dad and Carol-thanks!)

In the end, the fondue turned out great. We cut up fresh pineapple, marshmallows, bananas and rice crispies and dipped away. It was quite delicious if I do say so myself!

Then we watched Gladiator and all pretty much fell asleep since the fondue ordeal took so long. We had a great night and we are so happy those two are getting married! We think they will love our little home as much as we do now!


  1. That sounds so fun! I miss all 4 of you! I am happy, however, that you will be closer to me for a few months Kasee!

  2. Everything is better with chocolate, noting importantly that it took Jason's mom years to convert me. jt

  3. Mmm...chocolate. Round two is much needed.

  4. We had so much fun with you guys! Thanks for inviting us :)

    Jason I agree...round two here we come!

    -Steve and Jess

  5. Looks like fun... LOVE the picture on your heading-- you two are too cute! <3