Spring Break Idaho Trip

Saturday, May 14, 2016

We were supposed to have our annual Thomas family reunion this July but someone got pregnant (me!) and messed up those plans! Everyone rearranged their schedules and we got together this April instead! It was a great week complete with bubbles, family, games, and family photos (to come next!).

We started by leaving at literally 5:40 in the morning! We had to wake poor Nora up at around 3:45am but of course, she was a sweetheart as always. She was so cute running around in her jammies at the airport. Everyone loved her.

She did well overall on the flight- watched shows for about 45 minutes, then played and walked with Mommy for about 45 minutes and then FINALLY passed out in her seat for about 45 minutes. Luckily the flight wasn't full at all so Jason got 3 seats to himself and Nora had 2 to sleep in. (Mommy wasn't quite so lucky!) 

My parents picked us up from the airport at literally 7:45 in the morning! It seemed like we had been gone a whole day already but it was so early. We played at Grandma and Grandpa's for awhile and then headed to an early lunch to the Bruges Waffles in Draper per Jason's request. This restaurant is owned by a true Belgian and they make authentic Belgian food like Jason had on his mission. He was talking about this for days before!

We have taken this photo every 5 years! Jason took these same photos on his mission. Then we went back to his mission 5 years later. And then now we took these photos! It's tradition. 

This is the "machine gun' sandwich but we also got the Liege waffle and it was yummy too! 

We headed to Pocatello after lunch and Nora slept most of the way! We arrived and Nora and the cousins were instantly ready to play! Nora loved having little buddies all week and cousin Carly especially took Nora under her wing and kept a good eye on her- it was so sweet.

Front yard chalk! 

Uncle Michael reading to Ivy and Nora

Check out this cute Idaho bum. She was so excited to be there! 

Jason was VERY excited to go out for a ride in his dad's new fancy Corvette. 
These boys love to be together :)

The next day we headed to one of our favorite parks (after we tried going to the zoo and it was closed!) We had fun letting the kids get their energy out and Nora enjoyed some Mimi time. 

Then we had some Five Guys after the park! Yum! 

A pretty Idaho sunset from the front yard. 

We also got to see all the cousins and have a little gathering with them. 
Cousins Britt and Jason and Nora and Cora.

Our first kiddos are just a couple months apart and now our second ones are too! Love these guys. And they are moving to San Antonio for the summer so yay! 

Saturday we finally made it to the zoo (after a couple failed attempts!) and it was so fun. The kids all loved it- they have done some renovations since the last time we went and it was great! 

Cute cousins minus the cute babies! 

Mimi looking at the goats with Nora
Chasing the chickens!! The kids didn't want to stop! 

A great day at the zoo! I think she slept great that afternoon :)

Reading with Mimi! 
Aunt Sierra is a favorite around here! 
Taking care of our sweet Nora- such good cousins

Another morning at the park! 

 HA! This was the best watching Michael spin in this thing!! 

The "Original 6" as Erin calls them!

Thanks Idaho for the family photos, endless bubbles, Pizza Pie Cafe and a great trip with family.
We love y'all!

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