April Utah Trip with Grandma and Grandpa

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Jason had Sunday afternoon with my parents and we enjoyed dinner and driving around a little before he headed to the airport that night. Nora and I were were lucky enough to stay another 4 days with Grandma and Grandpa! We lucked out with pretty good weather and we did lots of fun things. Nora warmed right up to them and wanted to constantly play, read books and just hang out. It always makes me so happy to see them have such a good time! We went to the library, the mall, the aquarium, Chick Fil A and had lots of little adventures in the backyard and looking for birds. It was such a great trip and we love these grandparents of ours! Nora is such a lucky girl.

Morning cartoons at Grandma's

Library morning! 

Just sitting at the tiny table- all 3 of them! Nora was so happy. 

I took a nap one day and woke up to Grandma and Grandpa putting Nora to work in the yard! 

Apparently I needed to help too! 

The neighbor kids came over one day to help with the yard too! 

Like mother, like daughter! There are several pictures of me like this as a toddler. 
Who doesn't play the piano naked?!

Reading bedtime stories with Grandma

Grandma took us to Savers and then to Harmons. Nora did a little shopping! 

How cute are these two? Nora is very into "I'm doing this-you do it too!" So we are often invited to sit in tiny places and chairs or to have a bite of what she is eating. It's really quite sweet. 

Messy face while making us some tea! She was obsessed with this little tea set that Grandma got her. 

One day we were having a rough time and trying to do TOO much. So we decided to put on a movie and have popcorn and snacks and it was such a great morning. Sometimes it's good to slow down and just be. We watched Cinderella II and Cinderella III and it was great :)

Little poser!

We went for yogurt one day but it was in the place as a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. They have a big stuffed bear as their mascot and Nora was terrified of it!
Hence this super skeptical face below (it wasn't Grandpa's fault!).

Yay for yogurt with Grandma and Grandpa

One afternoon we went to the mall and Grandma spoiled us by letting us ride the train. Nora is obsessed with trains right now and is always shouting CHOO CHOO when she sees or hears one. This one took us around the mall and it was so cute (although overpriced!). Thanks Grandma! 

I love this photo! 3 generation train! 

Bath time! 

Hugs from Grandma are the best! 

Our last day Uncle Ron and Aunt Cheryl came over for lunch and some playtime and Nora loved them! She was so excited for new people to play with her and they were so sweet to her! 

Double grandpas! Nora didn't think it was as funny or weird as I was hoping!! :)

Nora's toy corner! 

Mom found this huge dog at a garage sale and Nora loved it. She rode it like a horse and would carry it around grunting because it was so heavy! Silly girl. 

Packing up to go! 

Look at this happy girl! She really was a good travel companion overall. 

That magnadoodle helped a lot! 

An apple and a show bought us awhile! 

Baby needed her bottle on the flight! 

We had an awesome trip and it was so fun but it's always nice to come home to this guy and I love seeing them together again!! 

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