December Fun!

Monday, February 15, 2016

I'm doing my darndest to catch up on photos! But I want to be done with many photos!

A fun day at the Arboretum with the Lathams-seeing Santa, taking photos on cows...

Nora's Sunday Best! 

Mesmerized at Target by the Christmas lights

Black Friday shopping with these ladies! 

FaceTime with the family! 

Black Friday shopping with my 2 cuties

Our 2 advent calendars: 1 with chocolate and 1 with activities. We did probably 75% of the activities? And Nora ate 100% of the chocolate calendar that Grandma sent :)

Every day she LOVED opening both of them. It was seriously so cute. 

Somebody got a big girl carseat! 
She definitely loved it more here than she does on the daily now. Argh. 

Cookies for the cookie exchange party

One of my favorite photos with her! 

Just hanging with Olaf in her crib 

Can you find Nora?

A girls night out for Allisa's birthday and it was so fun. Love these ladies. 


She still liked her nativity this year too!

Just eating pretzels in the cart at Walmart with her cute scarf! 

Love this happy photo of them one day when Jason got home from work. 

Family selfies!

Trying out the back carrier! She actually did like it despite her face!

Coordinated colors for a high school football game! 

Reading Christmas books at breakfast 

Neighbor gifts! Nora loved delivering them. She became a pro at knocking on doors and lots of people had us in for treats and for playing. It was so fun!

Hitting up the after Christmas sales for wrapping paper and treasures! 

P Terry's date over Christmas break

Took Nora to her first movie and she did great! It was actually a lot of fun! She did get restless at the end but I can't wait to do it again! We saw Hotel Translyvania 2. 

We take babies on lots of walks around the neighborhood now with the stroller! 

Yay for December Fun! 

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