Decorating the Tree

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

I had been looking forward to decorating the Christmas tree with Nora for...let's be honest... basically my whole life :) We weren't sure that she would "get" it but she did and it was so magical! She would put one ornament on the tree and then sign for "more." It was truly just a magical sweet experience and I loved picking out each individual ornaments and handing them to her. I told her the stories of each one as we looked at them but of course, she particularly loved all the Barbies and animal themed ones. Every morning during December as she came down the stairs, her face lit up as the saw the tree! I was truly sad to put it away after Christmas since she loved it so much! She also asked us to pick her up to point to her favorite ornaments on the tree each day. We have so many memory filled ornaments: from my childhood, one for our first house, some from our wedding, and my mom has sent some to Nora. They are just such special memories that I love sharing with my daughter. I can't wait for next year already!

Be still my heart! And a sweet memory: My great aunt Toots made those sweet embroidered ornaments- how cool is that?

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