Christmas in Dallas

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

We got to spend this past Christmas at Dad and Carol's in Dallas, and Jay and Jess came too! We had a great trip! Nora was particularly enamored with their little dog Zoie and they loved each other. Every morning we got Nora up and Zoie would rush into to greet her- it was the sweetest.

We had such a great trip with everyone spoiling Nora with lots of attention. We walked to the park to play (although I think Uncle Jay had more fun than Nora!), we went to delicious Mexican food at Hula Hut, saw Christmas lights and had a great family reunion with the whole family! It was so wonderful to see all Nora's cousins and her great grandma MeMaw.

We played a few games (after a lot of prodding from me!) and our last night we had our Christmas. Nora quickly caught on to opening presents and wanted to help everyone open theirs. I love Christmas!  I love the matching jammies, we had Chinese food and I loved seeing what everyone picked out for one another. It really makes for such great memories and I wouldn't change a thing!

It's so great to have Jess in the family now too! We look forward to all holidays and events with her present now. : )

 MeMaw and her grandkids: Kasee, Kimmy, Jenny, Amber, Jeff, Chris, Jay
With cousin Jenny

 Nora loves her Grandpa! 
 Nora's cousin Emma gave her her very first baby doll and 
she's obsessed with it now and carries her everywhere! 
 Zoie was a little obsessed with Jason-much to his dismay! haha. 
 Visiting a little elf village

 The tiniest post office for elves! 

 Girls in cute pajamas! Love this photo. 
 Don't forget the polar bear men! 

 Eating jello for the first time-she wasn't much of a fan but it's grown on her since then! 
 Opening her first presents! 

 Jason got a fitbit so he's always telling me how far he's walked each day! 

 Nora "helping" Grandpa open his presents! 
 Dad and Carol got Nora food and pots and pans for her new kitchen that came for Christmas! 

We had a great trip and were sad to leave! On the way home we stopped for some Whataburger and Nora was just in heaven-not sure why! Look how happy she was! 

Thanks for a great Christmas-we are so lucky to have such wonderful family! 

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  1. It looks like it was such a wonderful Christmas! And to be with family, so good. I love Nora's happiness in all the pictures :)