Round Rock Ladies

Friday, November 6, 2015

I've been feeling so blessed lately to have such great friends in my life. We call our Round Rock friends FAMILY and I truly believe that!

We take care of each other, help in times of need, laugh and cry together and also have TONS of fun. I love all these ladies and their kiddos and we have so much fun trying to make the most of life together. We are always celebrating birthdays with ice cream or dinners and every baby born gets some kind of shower! They uplift me and make me feel special, capable and answer all my crazy mom questions. We love the Bachelor but also believe in raising our kids to be good citizens with good hearts. We are obsessed with Target and Chick fil A and that's okay with me. We share dinner recipes and compliment each other even on our worst days. We discuss spiritual dilemmas and marital woes without judgment and we eat lots of Oreos. We go on walks, to the park, and encourage our kids to love the outdoors and we try to stay active with Zumba, running, yoga and walks. They have taught me how to be a better mother and friend and they have helped make being a stay at home mother a true joy!

And last but not least, helped me master the art of the selfie.  
Okay maybe I'm still working on it (as evidenced in the photo below!! 
(Where's the eye rolling emoji when you need one?)

Jen's Birthday Dinner! 

Amber's birthday dinner! 

Church selfie! (Don't worry church was over!) 

Park day! How beautiful are these ladies?

Jaymie's birthday lunch! 

Shopping selfie with Allisa! 
Nora couldn't be bothered! ha. 

A food blogger workshop with Landen. 
We literally talked for like 4 hours straight and still couldn't finish. Love this girl! 

Another big thing is watching each other's kids! My friends are always there for me when I have doctor's appointments or I'm sick or when I had to rush up to Dallas to be with my family. Nora loves all my friends and their kids and it makes me so happy that she is safe and happy with them! 

Isn't this the cutest selfie of them?

They are always up for trying new places in Austin and new parks and new bakeries! We have so much fun exploring this city and I'm glad we have these great ladies to do it with. 

And we don't take ourselves too seriously! (Here we are sitting on a giant hippo!) 

And they go take baking classes with me! Allisa and I took a "Petit Fours" baking class here. We loved it! And we are taking a macaron class in December. 

Love my Round Rock ladies. 

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  1. Aw this post made me get teary-eyed. I love our Round Rock Family :)