My Brother's Wedding

Friday, November 20, 2015

My big brother got married y'all! He's 42 and we waited a long time for this! It was the perfect day and we loved all of it!

I was a bridesmaid and Nora was the honorary flower girl. She had a pretty epic walk down the aisle as she stopped just a few feet in and just sat down. She happily unloaded her flowers from her basket...very slowly until finally Andy (the older flower girl) ran to get her and help her down the aisle. Then she walked with Andy....again, veeeeeerrrrrry slowly and she was adorable! Everyone kept laughing and just eating it up. Eventually I sent Jason to go get her as she wasn't making it down the aisle very far and we didn't want her to show up the bride!

Jay and Jess's ceremony was beautiful with the most heartfelt vows and it made me cry! Then we headed to the cocktail hour (we took photos so we didn't see too much of it!). But dinner was delicious and the toasts were so sweet. Then we headed to dance, eat cake and party the night away!

Congratulations Jay and Jess! We couldn't be happier for you! 

Cutest flower girl! 

Dad and the Groom! 

Nora and Jess's cousins who were the ring bearers and Andy was the big girl flower girl 

Angus was so sweet with Nora. She loved him! 

Family photos! 
Had to get our wedding selfie! 
With my handsome date!

All the silly groomsmen!

With my mamas!

Apparently Mom's speech was hilarious! 

They are just the best match! They love each other fully and are super silly and I've never seen my brother happier! 

With the beautiful bride! 

The groom's cake- My brother loves to garden!  

They had the sweetest first dance! 

Nora had a blast dancing with everyone! (Even if she was exhausted!)

My sweet tired girl 

My one and only big brother- how I love him so! 
Walking in as husband and wife! 

Final shot of the cutest flower girl! 

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