Nora's Crawling!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

In the past week (the last week of June) Nora has just taken her first steps (blog post to come soon!). But I feel like I haven't shown much of her crawling and she is a crawling pro! So here are some videos to show how she's been crawling ever since the end of March! She was slow at first but now she is super fast- I will see her in one spot and then a second later she will be in another room!

Here are some videos to show her cute crawling!

The first time she crawled up the stairs! Now she can go from bottom to top in probably 45 seconds. Much faster than this video!

I was vacuuming one day and she just followed me from room to room because she was so curious. You can see how fast she is here! 

Here she is chasing Daddy while playing.

We love our little crawler but are excited for her to walk for real too!

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