December Fun with Nora

Friday, January 23, 2015

We had a lot of fun experiences with Nora this December! It's so true that holidays are so much more fun with kids! Nora was such a good sport for all the fun things that we did!

She met Santa a few different times and we loved watching her with the different Santa's-definitely good memories!

The classic crying photo! We got it! 

We also did a little photo shoot of Nora in her Santa outfit so we could make some Christmas ornaments for family! She was the perfect subject!

 Happy girl!
Those cheeks!

Nora also had the honor of playing baby Jesus at our church Nativity scene. It was so magical to see her be so happy in her role. All the little kids loved her and kept saying "Baby Jesus!" They would bring her toys and wanted to show her the animals that were there. It truly made the Savior's birth come alive for me in a new way. She may have a future in acting!

We also visited the town of Burnet with our friends where they create an entire town of Bethlehem. It was a really cool experience-all the people dress up and it's amazing to see! 

I guess Nora liked it! 

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