Jason and Nora

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Jason turned 30 yesterday and the best way I could think to celebrate him was by doing a little post about him as a new dad. He is the sweetest dad and just loves Nora to pieces! She thinks he is so fun and gives him the biggest smiles. It is so fun to watch them together.

Here are some pictures of this cute new daddy!

 Telling Nora interesting stories when she was almost 3 weeks old.

 Just hanging out!

 Daddy selfie

 Daddy Daughter nap

 McDonald's dipped cones date

 My sleeping babies on the way to Idaho -8 weeks old

 Proud Daddy on blessing day

 Flying baby!

 The best face ever by Nora at City Creek mall in Salt Lake

 Early morning snuggle/ hangout time while Mommy sleeps :)

 Jason and Nora hiked to the top of this trail in Idaho! 

 Just hanging around Babies R Us!

 Is this the cutest picture? I die!

 Baby wearing muscle man! Headed to Relay for Life here!

 Lunch date with Daddy!

 Swaddle flirting time at night before bedtime

Swinging at the park!

Happy Birthday Jason! We love you and hope you had a great 30th!