Life Lately!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Ok here is my attempt to summarize the things we have done in the past few months! It might seem random but I want to remember all these fun little things. 

 We went to a new restaurant called Gordough's with Matt and Jaymie-they are famous for their donuts and now they have donut burgers and sandwiches! It had a fun outdoor patio with dart boards and Foosball. We enjoyed some yummy donuts at their restaurant. 
(We have had the donuts before at their food trucks but this was new!)

 Of course then we went to Fiesta for a little grocery shopping. It was open 24 hours and we didn't want to stop partying! We love Matt and Jaymie and that they are always willing to go on adventures with us-no matter how silly :)

 Date night at the Domain! This is probably my favorite current picture of us! 

 I got to drive this little Miata for work over a couple months and it was fun-
once I got over the insane fear of crashing it! 

 We went with Matt and Jaymie to the Chinese New Year Celebration in Austin's Chinatown and seriously had the best day. We saw the dragons perform, ate roasted duck, bought Chinese pastries, drank a Boba tapioca drink, and saw Hula dancers! 

 The dragon came into our restaurant! 

My first tapioca smoothie-I loved the smoothie but I can't get over the texture of those little balls in the drink. They had no flavor just a gummy texture and they freaked me out every time it came through the straw. haha.

 Watching the dancing shows!

 Girl's night dinner and a movie! So fun to have Andrea in town too! We saw Safe Haven and I loved it! We snuck in tons of candy and it was great. Love these ladies. 

 In March, I was in charge of a Home and Garden show where we had tons of adoptable animals. We had a ton of fun and I love this face of Annie-this sweet old basset hound who got adopted! Yay!

 I was so excited to be featured on the cover page of Daily Buzz Food above
 for my kitchen sink pretzels. 

I was also so proud to be featured on All You's Online Magazine
 for my Secret Ingredient Chili. 
See the full article here.

When SXSW (South by SouthWest) came around this year, we knew we had to check it out! 
We went to see parts of the Interactive Conference (the free parts) and it was fun, albeit a little rainy that day. We rode the tram into town and had fun just being with friends!

 I've always wanted to meet a real robot!

 The boys were learning how to pick locks and Jason was thinking very hard about it.

 Artwork made from recycled bottles. 

 I was also lucky enough during SXSW to be invited to a lovely dinner with Chobani in downtown Austin. I had a beautiful meal at Parkside with other awesome food bloggers and it was great. Read more about my whole dinner on my food blog here

A few weeks later we went to Dallas to visit my Dad and Carol and to see their new house. We loved it and it was so great to catch up with them! We also visited the Crawfish festival in Celina. It was cold but fun! (Sadly we took no photos of Dad and Carol)

 But we did get this gem!

Delicious crawfish from the festival!

 Hut's Hamburgers was one of the stops on our Austin Food Tour that we did a few weeks ago. It was fun walking around Austin visiting new restaurants and learning about Austin. I'll be doing a food blog post on all our stops soon!

 I got to go to another charity's gala for work and it was very interesting to see it from the other side-especially as a non stressed guest!

And yes, we have planted our Spring garden and it is growing! We are really enjoying it more now that we know slightly more of what we are doing and hope to get a real harvest this year! Several freezes ruined most of our winter garden so we were disappointed! 

Jason's parents just came to visit so I'll do a post on their visit soon! 

Hope you enjoyed this little update! Other than that we are super busy with work, church, blogging, friends and everything in between!


  1. I love that picture of you and Jason, you are gorgeous! You guys are so good and getting out and experiencing all things Austin.

  2. You make me miss Austin way too much! I am glad I get to come see you at least once a year hopefully! I love that you got to experience SXSW! I am jealous. You are doing so much with work, food and fun! I love reading your blog, so make sure to keep doing it! :) Miss you!!