Salt Lake & Tree Decorating

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

For Christmas this year, we were lucky enough to go to Idaho to visit Jason's family. I had lots of comp time built up from working so much for my December 1st event.

We flew into Salt Lake and spent the day with our niece, Shayla. She is just about the cutest girl you have ever seen! That afternoon, the rest of the gang arrived and we all headed to City Creek to walk, shop and then see the Temple Square lights. Of course, we were so excited to see our little twin niece & nephew too and our little talkative Carly. We had a blast with all of them!

 The Thomas Brothers!!

Then the next night we decorated the tree with the family!

 The finished product!

More from Christmas to come! 


  1. What a wonderful beginning of Christmas break! The lights look beautiful, and how fun to spend so much time with the Thomas family. Can't wait to see more!

  2. I love how serious the little girls are about decorating the tree. Your temple square pictures are beautiful.

  3. I love all your pictures from the temple are quite the photographer. I hope your class went well this week! I'm glad you got to spend the holidays with family and come to Utah/Idaho for a visit! Next time, I want to see you!! ;)