Brady's Homecoming and Twin Blessings

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Jason's brother, Brady just returned from a 2 year LDS mission in the Indianopolis, Indiana mission. Although he was sad to leave his mission, we were very excited to have him home! Not to mention it was a good excuse to get the whole family together and to bless the new twins into the family.

We had lots of fun with our nieces and nephews and just hanging around. Brady gave an amazing homecoming speech and the baby blessings were beautiful. And we have lots of great family photos to prove it!

 The whole family-reunited!!
 The siblings: Michael, Erin, Jason and Brady
 My cute husband-I had to include him :)
 Michael, Camie and Shay
 The New Babies: Baby Quinn and Baby John with Erin and Chris

 Cute kiddos
It was so fun to have a little photo shoot with all of these cuties. 

 Love this photo. Grandma and grandbaby.
 Uncle Brady and Baby Quinn. So happy to have him home!

Our other sweet niece, Miss Shayla- she is a bundle of fun.

Mini Apron Gal. :)

We had a great trip with family-mainly being entertained by our hilarious nieces and nephew and relaxing. Hopefully sometime soon we are all reunited again!

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  1. I am loving your dress in these pictures, so stylish and you are looking so gorgeous. I love all the pictures, what wonderful reasons to get together.