Alive and Well

Sunday, July 29, 2012

I am such a huge supporter of family blogs cause they serve a journal for you and that is one of the main reasons I have always tried to keep this one up! I'm so sad that I haven't but I am going to try and get back on track!

Since I last posted:

  • I went to Utah for Mother's Day to see my mom (my brother came too) and for one of my best friends baby showers too! It was so great to see my family and my favorite girls, it was seriously so wonderful. {separate post to day}
  • Jason and I went to Idaho for Jason's brother, Brady's homecoming from his mission AND the baby blessings of the 2 new twins. Again, awesome to spend time with family. {Separate post to come!}
  • We went on a "Friendcation" with our friends from Austin down to Galveston. We rented a house for a 3 day weekend and went to the beach. It was a blast and a must do again next year! {Seperate post to come!}
  • Jason went to Utah for his best friend Cory's wedding. We are so happy for Cory and Natalie, they are a beautiful couple! no separate post since Jason took 5 pictures :)
  • My mom recently came to visit and it was so fun! We went all around Austin and it was awesome. I love her! {Separate post to come}
O and I got an awesome new job! 
Same place, new job. I am now the Event Coordinator at the Austin Humane Society! It is seriously such a great fit for me and basically my dream job, not to mention a move up in many ways! I can't believe I got so lucky! I have great friends at work, I get to work on lots of awesome events and it is always an adventure.

Between transitioning jobs, trips, summer fun, the blog, callings etc. we are still always busy but we are happy as ever in Austin and where we are at in life right now. We certainly don't have everything in life figured out yet but are just enjoying the journey right now.

Love y'all!