Thursday, July 7, 2011

This is Jason again providing the next installment of our trip (I promise only Paris is after this post). We continued on with my mission theme by visiting a few more of my cities. To do this we rented a car and headed to France. We first stopped off in Lille. My actual area was mainly Villeneuve d'Ascq but as there is not much to see there we checked out mainly downtown Lille as well as the chapel.

On the way to downtown Lille we stopped off to see the Gare de Lille. One of my favorite parts about France is the old stations. I think they are fun to watch people as they come and go. We walked around the center of town for a while and enjoyed the good weather!

We spent the afternoon eating baguette sandwiches and walking the streets.

 We stopped by my old chapel in Villeneuve D'Ascq on our way out of town. We made it to St. Omer, France by the late afternoon. St. Omer was probably my most favorite area during my mission. St. Omer is a small town in the countryside. We got around by bike and I was lucky to be there during the spring and summer when the town was beautiful and the weather was wonderful. Some of my best memories are here with Elder Smith and Elder Smith (Yes, I had two companions in a row with the last name Smith).

While there we picked up some French style Chinese food  (I wouldn't recommend it) and ate a bunch of delish pastries (not pictured but probably should be).
 We took a walk in my favorite park as well. We were surprised with a little rain but that didn't dampen our spirits.

On the way out of town to Paris we stopped off at a windmill overlooking the countryside. We took in our last gulps of fresh air before we went back to the city for our final stop! I loved being back in my mission. It was so much fun to speak French again and see the familiar sites and people.

Next stop: Paris!


  1. I'm impressed at your blogging skills Jason, very nice! Too bad you're not closer and could teach P a lesson or two about blogging :) Your trip seriously looks like such a wonderful experience. I'm now convinced that P needs to take me on a trip around the world after he graduates!

  2. i am so glad you got to see your mission again. it is beautiful. thanks for sharing.