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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Now that you have seen HOW we traveled on the ship see WHERE we traveled!

Our first port was Messina, Sicily. We caught a bus with some other cruisers and headed to the nearby town of Taormina. Taormina is high in the hills of Sicily and has gorgeous views. There wasn't much to do there but it was pretty and cute. We ate yummy calzones and walked in lots of cute little shops. It was a great day!

The next stop was a big one: Athens, Greece! We were probably the most excited for this one!

On our way from the ship to the train station we made friends with some other cruisers and they turned out to be from Plano, Texas! We also met a very nice Greek man who showed us all around for a couple of hours! This made the day so much better and easier! After exploring some famous places along the way to the Acropolis we finally made it! 

The day we went to the Acropolis turned out to be National Monuments Day in Greece meaning that all monuments and museums are free but also that there were people everywhere! We waited in this massive pile of people for 10 minutes [it was going to be 3 hours] but then the doors opened! We piled in with hundreds of other people in the heat and climbed up to the Acropolis. The Acropolis is the ancient city center of Athens. It is mainly ruins now but you can see from what is left of the Parthenon what splendor it used to hold. 

 While we were hiking around the acropolis it started raining! So there were all these tourists running onto the monuments trying to find shelter...pretty sure that wasn't allowed! haha. Anyways, we were a little wet and cold but we finally made it down after trying not to slip ten times on the wet marble.

After the Acropolis we went to the new Acropolis museum and wandered around the city. Then we had the most amazing lunch:
It was seriously so good!

Anyways, Athens was great! Next was Turkey!
After Rome and Athens we were a little "ruins" out so we decided to just hang around the port city of Kusadasai, Turkey. We spent most of the day at the Grand Bazaar just shopping and we definitely got to work on our bargaining skills. We had another great doner kebab there and took a walk around Pigeon Island.  We also got some great Turkish delite, pottery and baklava!
Here is a great view of our ship from Pigeon Island:

Finally our last stop was Chania, Crete. This was one of my faovrite places. It was a beautiful tranquil island. We walked to the beach and just relaxed and it had the prettiest harbor area with restaurants and shops, it was a beautiful day and the perfect last stop on our cruise!

Cruise was awesome. Next stop: Spain!

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