First Stop: Roma

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Alright, I am catching up on all my pictures and our first destination was Rome!

After we finally found our way to our apartment we found this:
 A beautiful private room and delicious breakfast every morning!

Our first night we walked around the main part of the city to see a few things like Capitoline Hill and the famous Trevi Fountain.

Trevi  Fountain is where a lot of famous movie scenes are filmed, everyone takes their picture wishing with a coin here. Hundreds of people sit on the steps and people watch here as well. 
Rome was awesome in the fact that no matter where you went there were gorgeous buildings or ancient ruins. It was a wonderful feeling to be in a city filled with so much history. 
On our second day we headed straight to the Colosseum! 
 It is so strange that the Colosseum is just right in the middle of the action of Rome, you are just walking and look up and there it is. It really is quite impressive. 
We were smart enough to buy a Roma Pass and cut all the lines for entering the Colosseum and then we spent a few hours wandering around it. Jason particularly loved it! It was cool to imagine all the gladiators and emperors there [albeit sad].

There were also cool exhibits and its interesting that there is so much ancient stuff in Rome that people just sit on old marble pillars [see photo] like they are chairs, haha. I guess when you have history everywhere you can't protect and encase everything. 

People would see us take these funny photos and then copy us. It was very entertaining. haha
The Arch of Constantine is just outside the Colosseum.

After the Colosseum, we headed to the church of Santa Maria Maggiore but not before getting a kebab: Jason's favorite European food, and definitely one of mine too! 
Then we went to the church where the famous St. Teresa in Ecstasy sculpture by Bernini is located. [all 3 of these are pictured in the collages above]

Finally, we headed to Villa Borghese. This is the 2nd biggest park in Rome that is gorgeous! You can ride these little bike trolleys around, which we wanted to do but couldn't seem to find one! So we settled for a tranquil boat ride in a small lake. It was very entertaining since neither of knew how hard rowing is!

Needless to say at the end of this day, we were pretty exhausted. But we rested up for our next day: The Vatican! until then....ciao!


  1. looks delightful. you are lucking out with great weather, while back here we are drowning in rain.