Thursday, December 2, 2010

If I had to described my dear friend Jessica Holly Veater Marcum in one word, it would definitely be classy.

It's not like she is trying to be classy, she is just classy in a totally genuine way which is rare these days.

She has that Audrey Hepburn, great bangs, retro coifs, cowgirl  thing going for her.

I mean she is totally domestic in a I think of putting veggies in tea cups kind of way:

Her red lipstick, Taza-sque style is flawless in a kind of I can wear blazers, cowboy boots, and patterned tights in an effortless kind of way

She had a gorgeous wedding with every detail just right: a perfect band, perfect food and a perfect bride in an everything I touch turns to gold kind of way.

The definition of classy.

She is classy in a I can wear my shirt backwards and make it look like I bought it like that kind of way.

(Is it just me or do we look like sisters here?!)

Although I love Jess because she is gorgeous and classy, there is something more than that that makes her one of my best friends in the world. 

She is thoughtful and kind. Jess is the kind of girl that gives you hot fudge when you let her borrow your truck even though it wasn't a bother for you at all. 
She is the kind of girl that writes a blog post for you on your birthday, brings you flowers and takes you out all in one day. 
She is the kind of girl that never speaks badly of anyone, even in her sleep. ;)
She is the kind of girl that comes over when you need her at the drop of a hat. 
She has thrown more showers than anyone I know, including my own!
She is Christlike in all aspects of her life.

She is wonderful  and I am proud to call her my friend. 

Happy Birthday Girl. I love you!

*sorry if each thought seems random but I had so many things I wanted to say that it may have come out as mumbo jumbo. haha

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  1. Kasee! That totally made my day :) You're the best, I can't wait to see you tonight!