All I Want for Christmas. . .

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

is good friends and treats :) I have had a lot of both lately!

First, Caroline and I took the lovely Jess out for her birthday. Nothing says happy birthday like Pei Wei and Festival of Trees.
Glowing beautiful friends

 Gorgeous birthday girl. I swear I am not dying although every picture I am in appears that way. 

Festival of trees has people donate awesomely decorated trees, wreaths etc. then people can purchase the really cool trees and all the money goes to the Children's Hospital! Neat!  Here are a few of my favorites:

 Cookie Tree
 The Travel Tree
Cookie Monster and his tree :)

Then for Dave's birthday we all went to the Jazz game. Nosebleed seats but still fun. Nothing is ever dull with this crazy dancing bunch:

Then on Sunday we had a little Christmas gathering to say Merry Christmas to friends! Any excuse for baking and I am all over it:

 The lovely Miss Taylor
 Jess wore her appropriate Christmas sweater. Perfect. Not to mention her elf legs. I love her. 

 The soon to be Mrs. McKell

 J + P. love. 
 Mr. Marrrrshall and Carli
 Cody and Emily. adorable. 
 Our favorite neighborhood Gramps.

Dave and Elizabeth. so happy!
 Like my DI sequin shirt? Me too.

So far, we couldn't have asked for a better holiday season. We are looking forward to:
Caroline Wedding. Idaho. Favorite nieces. Texas. Family. Treats. Friends. Presents. 
Remembering what this season is all about: The birth of our Savior.

To see what treats I made for this shindig...go here

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  1. Haha I love that DI sequin shirt! Fun parties and friends :) You are so cute and festive as usual!