Flying High

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

For Fourth of July weekend we met my Dad and Carol in San Diego. Every year we go somewhere different for my dad's military reunion. My dad flew helicopters for the army in Vietnam so now he is a member of an organization called the Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association. He gets together with his old military buddies and they have a good ol' time. Families get to tag along too :)

Before I get too silly at the end I want to just say how proud of my Dad I am. He fought for my country when he was 18. 18, isn't that amazing? He couldn't even legally drink in the US but he could go and fight a war. I am so proud and grateful for all that he did. I am grateful to the other men and women who were there that also sacrificed so much during a controversial time. I am grateful to those who gave their lives many years ago and to those who still do today. No matter your political stance, you always support your soldiers. You always root for those boys to come home no matter who or where they are. I am grateful to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Thanks Dad, I love you.

Please thank your vets, even if the 4th is over, they still need to hear it, even after all these years.

On to the pics....
We had tons of fun hanging out with old friends and exploring San Diego.
The first night we had a delicious dinner in the Gaslamp Quarter at a restaurant that used to be a brothel many years ago. So needless to say it was a fun restaurant!

The next morning we road a bus out to Ramona, CA to ride in a helicopter! I was kind of excited and Jason wasn't planning on going because we thought we would get motion sickness. But as soon as we arrived the adrenaline was flowing and Jason felt so brave that we jumped on board the helicopter! 

My Moore Men

The view from the top!

My bro!

With our earplugs!

This is a video Jason took from the helicopter while we were flying. It was pretty amazing! We were on the side of the bird and the doors were open. We could have jumped out if we wanted! Crazy! Definitely a once in a lifetime experience that was so awesome! Watch the video! **Video will currently not upload! I will try again tomorrow!

Checking out the real military helicopter.

My Dad's unit from when he was stationed in Germany

The Fam with their matching reunion shirts!

We took a romantic ride home in a pedicab..that was quite an experience :)

We got to visit my cute friends Amy & Josh and their new baby, Riley!

Our last night we have a fancy banquet with music, great food, and since it was on the fourth, fireworks!

Note that Jasn had to borrow a tie from my Dad. haha

Look at that snazzy fam!


And no post would be complete without a tribute to these studs....


  1. Found your blog! I'm sad we didn't get to have more time together but I'm glad we got to meet! You two are such a cute couple :)

  2. That looks so fun! Your family is so cute :) love it!

  3. Hey my daddy flew planes in Vietnam war! Yeah for our war hero's! We love them.