Pineapple Chic

Monday, March 1, 2010

This weekend we were lucky enough to spend 24 hours with the amazing duo of Erin and Nate!
We hadn't seen each other since Jess's wedding so it was a long time coming.

We drove down Friday night in a bit of traffic, so to get us through we stopped by our favorite California eatery:

Then we finally made it to Erin and Nate's! They live in a really cute part of San Diego called La Mesa. We saw their adorable apartment and Erin and I couldn't stop talking about food and recipes, haha.

Then we went to see the seals that sleep on the beach in La Jolla and Nate gave us a tour around San Diego. It was such a nice night and we had soooo much fun catching up with them!

Then we rented Surrogates and ate Erin's homemade delicious salsa and Muddy Buddies, what more could a girl ask for?

The title for this post comes from me bringing Erin a pineapple (with Pomegranate Soda and homemade banana bread) as a housewarming gift. Everyone got a kick out of the pineapple and we found it pretty trendy (note my last post) so it became the theme of the weekend.

Erin with her pineapple and birthday present from Jessica and me:

Of course our BYU shirts were unplanned and very zoobie like but we are not ashamed. haha.
Saturday Erin made us delicious german pancakes and fruit salad for breakfast. Then we all went to the San Diego temple. It was so wonderful to go the temple with friends. Can't wait to do it again!


Isn't the temple beautiful?

Best friends :)

being trendy....

Sadly, it rained the rest of the day so no more pictures-but we had the best time. Rubio's for lunch-yummy! Then we drove around the city and ended up back home to watch another movie during the rain. We left that night promising to come back again for more fun and sunshine!

We love y'all Erin and Nate! Can't wait for more fun CA times!


  1. Yay!! That was such a fun weekend! We loved catching up with you two as well! Come back soon and we can go sailing and to the zoo like we planned :)

  2. we went to san diego on our honeymoon, including la jolla beach and the temple... thanks for the nostalgia!