Santa Monica Weekend

Friday, February 5, 2010

My brother went out of town last weekend so we crashed his apartment and spent the weekend in Santa Monica!

First we went to the farmer's market. It was a gorgeous day! Read more about the farmer's market here.

Then we walked through the Promenade. Jason was quite excited to find some friends there:

Then we went to the pier to stare at overpriced food and children's attractions. Pictures were free though and it was gorgeous.

Jason was excited to find this gem from BIG:

Then of course a self take (no weekend is complete without at least one).

Then we went to Muscle Beach and Chess Park.

Then Portnepp and Jessica came to meet us on the pier. They love taking fun pictures:

We had churros and then walked the pier before heading to find some dinner. We ended up at a charming place with popcorn appetizers and so so pizza. But it was great. A great weekend! 

On Sunday we went to church in Santa Monica and then saw where Jason's grandparent's used to live. Then I showed Jason where I am doing my internship. 

That's it folks!

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  1. Cool weekend. With our (your) computer in having the fan replaced, I missed out on all this good stuff. But, it's fun catching up. jt